Convento e Igreja de Santo Antônio



From the Esplanade, the white silhouette of the monastery appears like a sweet anomaly amid skyscrapers. But once in front of the facade, madness and Largo da Carioca crowds seems suddenly disappear. The Franciscans chose the top of this hill to build a monastery (1608-1616), next to an old church, but later restored (1617-1620) in Baroque style. It was in this convent where Cariocas took refuge during the French invasion (1710). The church apse. decorated in carved and gilded wood, stands theatrically behind red curtains and contrasts with the sober central aisle white walls decorated with tiles on its bottom. You have to look in the upper frieze, which honors the Franciscan martyrs or dead. The sacristy is one of the most beautiful in Rio.

Type: Monument

Year built:1608

Address: Largo de Carioca 20050-008

Area: Santa Teresa, Centro, Gávea, Lapa

Phone:+55 2122620129

Opening times:Mon-Fri 8:00-18h Tu: 7h-19:30 Sat: 8-11h, 15:30-17 Sun: Mass 10h

Style: Baroque, Colonial style

Area of interest: Architecture, History

Services: Religious temple

How to get there:
Closest station: Carioca LL1
Other stations: Carioca LL2 Cinelândia LL1