Rio Scenarium





Ranked by the Guardian newspaper as one of the ten best bars in the world. What is certain is that it is one of the most famous historical in Rio. Decorated with antiques, scheduled sessions with Samba mixed with intrumental jazz and Brazilian music Thursday through Sunday. A must know.
Housed in a 19th century building. Armour, dolls, clocks, colonial furniture: the magic of the place lies in its decoration and the amazing live music. The boss has amassed thousands of antiques, some of which he rents for movies. Dance groups and samba, forró or choro, bar in the first floor and ground floor, a more welcoming environment in the second, plus the adjoining room where dance lovers can enjoy Musica Popular brasileira (MPB). Not to be missed.
Rio Scenarium, part nightclub and part antique shop, is a magical labyrinth antique store and eccentrically decorated with all sort of items, from vintage cars to armors. But above all it is a good place to listen samba, forró, choro and premium MPB live.

Address:R. do Lavrádio, 20 - Centro Rio de Janeiro 20230-070

Area: Santa Teresa, Centro, Gávea, Lapa

Phone:+55 21 3147-9000

Days of the Week: Thursday , Wednesday

Opening times:Tue-thu 18:30pm- 2am fri 19pm-2am sat 20pm- 2am

Cuisine: Cocktails

Type: Cocteleria, Concert Hall

Facilities: Classic, Very comfortable, exceptional cuisine worth a special journey, afterwork

How to get there:
Closest station: Pres. Vargas LL1
Other stations: Pres. Vargas LL2 Uruguaiana LL1