Sushi Leblon





The best Japanese restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, located in the most gastronomic street of Rio called rua Dias Ferreira next by Zuka restaurant, was the first city to experiment with the Japanese-Occidental cooking fusion.
Created in 1980, a Sushi restaurant with an innovative menu. Foie gras tempura, grilled fish with farofa with passion fruit and curry, and creme brulee in a fruit. Many experiences to try.

Address:Rua Dias Ferreira, 256 Leblon 22431-050

Area: Leblon


email:[email protected]

Opening times:segunda-feira das 12 às 16h e das 19 à 1h30. Terça-feira a sábado, das 12 à 1h30. Domingos das 13 à 0h.

Cuisine: Japanese

Type: Restaurant

How to get there:
Closest station: Alto Leblon LMetrô na s
Other stations: Baixo Leblon LMetrô na s Bartolomeu Mitre LMetrô na s