Pão de Açúcar



From the top of this rock of 396 meters you have a magnificent view of the bay and its main points. Access to the top is by means of a cable car running since 1912. It was one of the first cable cars of this type in the world. Their cabins, which can accommodate 64 passengers, moving up and down at intervals of twenty minutes with two stops, the first in Morro da Urca, 220 meters high, and the second, at the top of Sugar Loaf. The visit to this natural monument is bound to get an idea of what the city of Rio.

Some 2000 people take the cable car to Sugar Loaf every day, which is one of the most popular activities in Rio. Step on one of the glass cabins is an aerial adventure you can enjoy magnificent views.

Takeoff: From the main station, next to Praia Vermelha, in Urca, passengers are up to Morro da Urca, the peak adjacent to Sugarloaf, which rises to 220m above the sea. Several vantage points offer views of the bay, the city center and to the west, the beaches of Copacabana and beyond. Nearby are cafes, restaurants, shops, a cinema and even a helipad.

Ancient rocks: The huge vaulted mountains Urca and Sugar Loaf are composed mostly of granite and have about 600 million years. The massif is endowed with lush vegetation, a remnant of the forest that covered the bay. The lucky ones can see toucans, parrots, monkeys and butterflies flitting through the trees.

Reaching the top: From Morro da Urca travelers take another cabin for the second tranche of trip that is about 750m, to the top of Sugar Loaf, at 395m above the sea level. The 360 ° citywide panorama, the Corcovado dawning on da Tijuaca National Park Niteroi and clear day, the peaks of Dedo de deus drawn out on the horizon to the north. The trails and recreation areas offer more opportunities to enjoy the breathtaking environment.

Planted at the entrance to Guanabara Bay, the Sugar Loaf Mountain is only 395 meters, but offers a panorama that some prefer to the Corcovado one, even if the latter is higher. It offers the advantage of being in any case less obscured by the haze. Its name comes from a misunderstanding that Portuguese has given the name the Indians gave to the mountain, Pau-nh-Acuqua (high promontory pointed and isolated) that actually justifies the way of the massif. The cable car ascension is made in two stages, with a change in the Morro da Urca. Whatever the time, do not expect to be alone. If the show is awesome at all times, the sunset, however, attracts a wider audience: the wait is longer to ride the gondola.
It can be accessed at the foot of the Morro da Urca (217m) walking down the track Cláudio Coutinho. The walking is very nice. Some even walk to the summit (strings and professional guides are needed): thrills.

Type: Park

Year built:1908

Address: Av. Pasteur, 520 22290-240

Area: Leme, Urca, Gávea, Copacabana

Phone:+55 21 2546 8400

email:[email protected]

Opening times:check the oficial website, basicaly from 8am to 20:50pm

Author: Augusto Ferreira Ramos

Style: Modern movement