Bossa Nova e Companhia



In the old alley Garradas, it is the store where you have a variety of library records and scores of bossa nova. The owner bought the corner store in 2006 , which also owns the Lair Vinicius. It is extremely, almost three times the Toca do Vinicius. An amazing store if you remember the old days, or even know about Brazilian popular music, stories, songs and books. A good idea if you want to spend a whole afternoon looking for books. Attendees are excellent and know indicate a good book. I highly recommend it.

Type: Building

Address: Rua Duvivier, 37 Copacabana 22020-020

Area: Leme, Urca, Copacabana

Phone:+55 21 2295809

email:[email protected]

Opening times:9am-18pm

Area of interest: Literature

Services: Shop

How to get there:
Closest station: Cardeal Arcoverde LL1