Galeto Bandeira





The traditional bar and restaurant Choperia Galeto Bandeira, led by Thomas Correia family, is successful since 1978. The proof is in the queue at the door and the quantity of sold franguinhos, which can reach 800 on a Sunday. The quality of care, food and service are responsible for its success. The team is complete and has a nutritionist, which closely control the quality of food that goes to each table. The house has a barbecue station, where meats are cooked and wonderful appetizers like tenderloin grilled sausages and famous poussins. The menu is quite varied.

Address:Praça da Bandeira 43 20270-150

Area: Centro, Gávea

Phone:+55 (21) 2273 8992

Opening times:Todos os dias das 10h às 02h. Sextas, Sab. e feriados das 10h às 4h.

Cuisine: Brazilian

Type: Restaurant

Facilities: terrace, afterwork

How to get there:
Closest station: Sâo Crisóvâo LL2

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