Biblioteca Nacional



With the bibliographic and documentary heritage of Brazil, the National Library since 1876 that called that, is in the city center, on the corner of the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro. It is the largest library in Latin America and the seventh largest in the world. With more than 8 million pieces, one of your responsibilities is to preserve, promote and upgrade parts. Guided tours, you need to make an appointment for another day, you can not do the same day visit. We recommend calling before you go to schedule, or if you want to get to know only the lobby can go directly.

Type: Building

Address: Avenida Rio Branco, 219 - Centro 20040-009

Area: Santa Teresa, Centro, Gávea, Lapa

Phone:+55 21 3095 3879

Opening times:mon-fri 10h- 17h sat-sun 12h30 - 16h30

Style: Neoclassical

Area of interest: Literature, History

Services: Government

How to get there:
Closest station: Cinelândia LL1
Other stations: Cinelândia LL2 Carioca LL1