Fundación Oscar Niemeyer



Fundación Oscar Niemeyer, Roberto Silveira Memorial Center, Teatro Popular e Terminal de ferry de Charitas
Oscar Niemeyer Foundation; JK Square, the monument to Roberto Silveira, popular theater, the Charitas barge terminal, and MAC. In JK Square, you can see a sculpture of Oscar Niemeyer and JK sitting on a bench in the square and a tent designed by Niemeyer. Waterways Charitas station has two thousand square meters. The living room has panoramic shipping 700 square meters of glass. The area has convenience stores, restaurants and a beautiful view of the harbor and Guanabara Bay. One of the highlights of the season is the water line and the construction of a pier on piles.

Type: Building

Year built:2013

Address: Rua Doze, ao lado do Terminal Rodoviario João Goulçard Niteroi

Area: Niteroi

Author: Oscar Niemeyer

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